1 Cor. 14:8 "Again if the trumpet does not sound a clear call who will get ready for battle?"


It has come to our attention that several individuals participating in apparently fraudulent schemes have attempted to OFFER PROPERTY FOR RENT ON CRAIG’S LIST indicating that they are going to work in the mission field for an organization similar to World Mission Centre.


Nigeria Live School Expansion

In the midst of chaos, seeds of the Kingdom are being sown!

Many people these days might think Nigeria a Muslim nation, but it is not. Nigeria is one of the most Christian West African countries, and yet it still has over 100 people groups considered "unreached" in terms of adherents to the gospel.

While the radical religious groups, are causing chaos in the northeast, where they recently purposely targeted Chibok, a 90% Christian community (Matthew Owojaiye, Vanguard Newspaper/CNN iReport, May 18, 2014), kidnapping over 200 young virgin girls, Live School is expanding into Niger, Benue, and Kogi States.

Yesterday we completed a noteworthy set of meetings in Niger State with some key pastors. As a result, we are planning a church-wide pastors meeting in the fall in an effort to both unify and mobilize the rest of the church there. Also, due to prospective students living in agrarian communities, it was decided that the best strategy for rolling out Live School here is to bring the future students out of "the bush" in January at the end of harvest and take them through intensive 4 month, full-time Live Schools until early May, when they will return to "the bush" to farm both their fields and the ripe harvest fields of the Lord.

We currently have Live Schools running in 6 of Nigeria's 36 states. We have some more schools ready to start in Benue State. Their facilitators are trained and students recruited. When our Nigerian co-ordinator tried to deliver it to them a month ago, he was told not to come, because the Fulani cattlemen were killing farmers(an age-old feud it seems). They even attacked the governor's convoy in broad daylight. But now that things have calmed down, we will take them their Live School unit shortly.

Today we are driving south east about 9-10 hours to train facilitators and pastors from 30 churches coming together from across Kogi state and several other states. By the mighty grace of God, Live School keeps expanding in Nigeria...in spite of all the chaos! Please continue in prayer for wisdom, guidance, protection, provision and for successful Facilitator Training in Nigeria and successful Pastor Meetings in Benin. May God bless you abundantly for your faithfulness in supporting this ministry.

Chip Carroll
Live School Team leader for West Africa

As you may have already noticed over the past seven years, the Live School has become the main focus our work. By the grace of the Lord, over 5000 people have either gone through or are going through the Live School in 42 countries. Many of these are now church planting and discipling among the unreached and least reached.

As a result of this tremendous growth, many of our senior staff have moved to coordinate the activities in various regions of the world. The Pretoria office is now responsible for only South and Southern Africa.

Another consequence of the Live School's growth is an increase in how often Lydia and I travel. Our passion, our mission, our desire is to maintain a flexible structure to help the national churches around the world at their point of need to reach those who have never heard the Gospel. Where we used to travel between South Africa and the USA with occasional visits to a few other countries in between, we now find ourselves spending much less time in South Africa and almost no time in the USA, but travelling to many nations to assist team members and partners in both finding new fields and getting new Live Schools up and running.

To many who stand with us in this ministry, it is clear that we have been in a time of major transition. Almost two years ago, after considering the demands on World Mission Centre in South Africa of the Live School, its translation, and roll-out around the world, the South African Board decided to rent or sell the Pretoria offices. We consolidated our administration process and moved the admin office to the front of the building, leaving quite a large area to let.

Unfortunately, due to the glut of office rental properties in Pretoria, no tenant was found and, eventually, the decision was made to sell. Soon after, an offer was made on both the offices as well as the rest of the building and accepted. So the last few months have found us selling off excess furniture and equipment and, of course, looking for the right spot in South Africa for the new WMC offices. The latest word is that 669 Church Street will be converted into furnished condominiums.

This has all been a tremendous journey of faith. We have often been reminded of Abraham who was led of the Lord to "leave his father's house and go to a land that God would show him." He had no idea where he would end up or how it would all work out in the end. All he knew was that the Lord had spoken and he had to obey. We can identify: walking in faith, standing in prayer, and doing all we can to follow the Lord's leading in the role we play to extend the Kingdom of God. One thing we know for sure: the new World Mission Centre offices will remain in South Africa.

One of the significant moments on this journey was when our dear friend Cassie Carstens told me to read The Spider & the Starfish, the award-winning business book by Ori Brafman and Rod Bekstrom. The concept behind the book is based on how spiders and starfish react to the loss of a limb. The spider will remain 7-legged; the starfish will grow a new one. Cut the head off a spider and you get a dead spider. Try to do the same to a starfish and whatever you break off will grow back and the amputated parts will become new starfish.

In business, it is the difference between a CEO-led organization with a headquarters (i.e. the spider) and a decentralized organization (i.e. the starfish) where the leader's role is one of objectives and ideology. The latter does not have central intelligence; the intelligence is spread throughout the system. When attacked, a decentralized organization tends to become even more open and decentralized. It is held together by vision, relationship and ideology.

As a result of our "Abraham-journey" and what we have learned via The Spider & the Starfish, we have decided as follows:

  1. To move from a CEO-driven organization to a decentralized movement.
  2. To equip each coordinator's home, wherever in the world, with the equipment and technology necessary to be the WMC office wherever in the world that may be.
  3. Allows for continued rapid growth.
  4. Allows more time for us to do the work on the ground that we have been called to do.
  5. Reduces overhead costs.
  6. To set up one or two much smaller administration offices to handle finances and general administration.
Where are these new offices in South Africa at the moment?




The South African Office Pastor Isaac & Rachael Modise Waterkloof, SA
The Commonwealth of Independent States Office Hennie & Katie Van Loggerenberg Lynwood, SA (until they move to Europe)
North Africa Middle East Office and the Database Henkie & Nerina Maritz Centurion, SA
The Prayer Ministry Tannie Chrissie Naude Equestria, SA
The Website Andy & Martha Scholtz Krugerdorp, SA

Obviously we have other offices in other parts of the world, but due to safety concerns for our co-workers, we are unable to publish some of their locations.

Most of our leaders live in the Gauteng region, but we believe the time has come to establish a presence in other parts of South Africa as well, thereby extending WMC's influence in the country. In a real walk of faith, Lydia and I have taken on the responsibility to establish a presence in the Western Cape. Together with JC Hoffman (who is responsible for the Southern African region), we will Lord-willing relocate to the Paarl Valley in the latter half of November 2013.

Before we even made the decision to move, our friends Ron and Lorraine Lilje (who live in the Western Cape) offered us the use of a shed on their farm to store our furniture and equipment until we figured out where we will actually be based. They also offered us space where we can establish a temporary office for a year. Soon after, a house on a neighbouring farm, the Southern Cross, became available to let. This house is only 200 metres away from the temporary office and storage shed the Liljes had offered. The destination of this leg of the journey seems pretty clear to both of us.

Lydia and I have no intention of staying away from Pretoria and hope to visit often. We have family - our daughter Lydia and son-in-law Adriaan and 2 great grandkids - here. We will come to see friends, supporters and team members. We also intend to keep our close relationship with the Tshwane Leaders Forum which we helped to establish. Apart from staying with Lydia and Adriaan when we are in town, Henkie & Nerina have kindly offered us the use of a granny-flat in their home. We have also thought of letting a flat for when we come and, of course, will have to arrange for a car while we are in the city.

At the moment, we are also planning World Mission Centre's 25th birthday celebration in Pretoria on 23 July, 2014. Pastor John Roebert of Choose Life Church has graciously offered us the use of their facilities for the occasion. And we would love to have you join us! Please pray that the Lord will grant us much wisdom and plenty of grace as we navigate the next leg of this journey in the growth and development of World Mission Centre and the Live School.

We will be sure to keep you informed as this process unfolds.

Please email us your comments to info@worldmissioncentre.com

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