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It is time to plan for your church’s Week of Bounty for 2010.

Many churches that participated in the WOB last year have indicated that they will do it again this year. We at World Mission Centre are believing the Lord for MANY more to be involved this year.
Most strategies that have significant impact are down-to-earth and very simple. The Week of Bounty is just that—a dynamic yet simple strategy.

The Week of Bounty is local churches anywhere and everywhere asking their members to go and look around their homes and places where they have jurisdiction and find anything they do not use. (Not junk that they do not want but stuff that they do not use.)

During a week selected by the church all the members bring these goods they collected to the church where volunteers sort all that is received into categories and prepare it to be distributed within that week to those church members that are in need, the community around them and other poor and needy communities in their area.

Just think about it, in our garages, houses and places of work there are many goods that are just not used. For instance, building material, foodstuffs, an extra table or chair, clothing, bicycles, books—even Bibles—far too much to list here. The sum total of all these items could total millions of Rands. 

There is no doubt that the Week of Bounty can make a significant difference in a society. Those who give and those who receive will all benefit by following this simple strategy. I encourage you to participate and establish a Week of Bounty in your church.

Another exciting development is that the Week of Bounty is joining forces with the Global Day of Prayer and will form part of the 90 days of blessing in 2010. This takes place after the actual Day of prayer which will be held on the 23rd of May 2010.

Please visit www.globaldayofprayer.com if you are not yet participating in the Global Day of Prayer and encourage your church to join millions of Christians in 220 nations to pray together.

The date which most local churches will hold their Week of Bounty is 23 – 31 May 2010. Directly after the Global Day of Prayer.

Churches do have the option to choose another week in the year to run their Week of Bounty that may suite them better.

To date over 2000 Week of Bounty books describing the origin and strategy, have been sent free of charge to pastors that have indicated their interested in running a Week of Bounty. We are ready and willing to send a copy to another 2000 pastors if they are will commit to run a Week of Bounty in their church.

NEW!!! You can also download the book from the website: www.weekofbounty.org

PLEASE go to the website and register your Week of Bounty. It’s easy and will give us the opportunity to give you feedback about the stories that took place during the event.

PS: Please call Marietjie or Chrissie at our office in Pretoria/Tshwane on 012-3431165 if you have any questions or need advice on how to run your Week of Bounty.

Visit the Week of Bounty website to get the seven steps to successful WOB:  www.weekofbounty.org


Sincerely yours,
Willie Crew
International team leader
World Mission Centre – Pretoria/Tshwane 

PS: Some churches and individuals have asked how they can contribute toward the coordination costs of the Week of Bounty.
If you would like to consider this please send cheques to the following address: Post Net Suite 228, Private Bag 15, Menlo Park, 0102 or you can transfer your donations into the following bank account:
You can also make a donation online.
Bank:  Nedbank
Acc. Name:  World Mission Centre International
Branch: 160245
Swift number: NEDSZAJJ

WMC Update - The Lake to the Sea Project - Part 2

God continues to move in the northern province of Mozambique and we'd like to share with you a bit more of what's been happening.

Report from Steven (WMC staff - Mozambican national living in Lichinga with his family) Last year, as a direct by product of 6 men from Knoxville, Tennessee, holding a soccer tournament among 8 schools in Lichinga, 30 people committed their lives to the Lord and a church was planted. Today, that local church is growing, and God is blessing His people. The pastor reports real breakthroughs among couples with broken marriages and one of the brothers from the church has been recently selected to be sent for training at the Bible School in Chiomio.

Praise the Lord! ...for the impact that the soccer outreach has had on the community since the outreach.

Please pray with us that... ...the work will continue to grow in the Northern provinces of Mozambique.

World Region: Northwestern Mozambique (Lichinga, east of Lake Malawi) - Link

Religion: Predominately Islam with some folk religion
World Mission Centre's Involvement Includes the Following: (http://www.worldmissioncentre.com/southern-africa-news.html)


No task or project can operate or run successfully without the fulltime
support of fervent prayer. A prayer co-ordinator works at the
World Mission Centre to facilitate this hugely important aspect
of our lives.

Tannie Chrissie Naude


In John 15:5, Jesus tells us: Apart from me you can do nothing. Through the medium of prayer we acknowledge our dependence on him and declare that He is the Only One who can assist us to complete our assigned tasks.

By prayer we also fulfill the Lords command as recorded in Luke 10:2
in which He says: The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few.
Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out his workers into his
harvest field

Prayer is the basis of all that we do, and in this way we seek Gods
heart and not his hand. He often admonishes us in Scripture to
“Seek My face” (Psalm 27:8)

The prayer co-ordinators task is to raise up and enthuse prayer
warriors, and to keep them appraised of the World Mission Centre’s
mission and goals. Flowing from this, she relays prayer requests
and seeks prayer support from warriors in different countries.

Just as important is the prayer support for the staff and the World Mission Centre
that man the offices and go on outreaches from time to time.

James 5:16  The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective

If you would like to become a member of a prayer group, you will
also receive prayer requests.
Through your prayers, you invest in the Kingdom of God and will
be rewarded just as the labourers in the field.

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